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Gillie Da Kid says “All Lives Matter” in Viral Video Shocking Hip Hop Fans Around the World

Gillie Da Kid said “All lives Matter” in a viral video shocking hip hop fans around the world. As someone who was largely silent on police brutality issues, this was Gillie Da Kids first time telling people how he felt. Gillie Da Kid believes “All Lives Matter”, because he says his life didn’t matter to the black person that shot him in his wrist, stomach, and foot.

While this isn’t funny at all, it’s still humorous to here someone as gangster as Gillie Da Kid siding with the “All Lives Matter” crowd. Naturally people are calling him sell out. Some people are saying Gillie Da Kid is broke, so he had no choice but to sell out. The ironic part about this is him and Lil Wayne share similar sentiment on this issue for different reasons, even though they hate each other.

Now that the world knows Gillia Da Kid is “All Lives Matter”, his career in hip hop will be looked at differently from this point forward.

Author: JordanThrilla

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