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Third Party Vendors for Wayfair Accused of Human Trafficking on Website and Listing Missing Girls as Furniture

Third party vendors for Wayfair are being accused of human trafficking, and listing missing girls as furniture for sale. Many people on social media where seen posting pictures of high priced furniture on Wayfair that are allegedly named after missing girls in a human trafficking ring. Like Pizza Gate where a pizza parlor was allegedly used as a guise for more sinister ideals, in this case Wayfair vendors are using furniture to disguise human trafficking auctions.

As an example someone posted a picture of a $13,000 cabinet named after Samiyah Mumin, a 17 year old girl who went missing on Columbus Ohio. Another picture showing a cabinet allegedly named after Yaritza Castro, a 16 year old girl who went missing Harwinton CT, was also posted.

Some people might say this is just a conspiracy theory, while others will ask can it really be coincidence that generic cabinets are being named after missing young girls that have very unique names? Pray for these girls, and lets hope this leads to them being found safe, regardless of if the conspiracy theory is true or not.

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