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Black Marine Veteran Accuses Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA of Trying to Destroy America in Viral Rant Video

A black marine veteran accused BLM and ANTIFA of trying to destroy America in a viral rant video. During his speech, the black marine veteran says Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA “don’t give a damn about black people”, and only want chaos to ensue. He called them both “anarchistic organizations”.

The Black marine veteran says BLM and ANTIFA have awakened patriots of America who love police, and will defend them.


To some it might be shocking to hear an old black marine veteran dissing Black Lives Matter, but in some ways it isn’t surprising. A lot of people know older black people who don’t agree with movements like BLM that are mostly being promoted by the younger generation. Younger black people aren’t afraid to speak their mind on social injustices.

If you go out to any protests, you will rarely see much older black folks there. During the protests for George Floyd, many older black people like this marine veteran where condemning younger black people for the riots that weren’t even caused by protesters.

It’s natural that people will have different opinions, based on the circumstances of their own lives. This black marine veteran dissing BLM and ANTIFA won’t sit well with a lot of people, but people should remember it’s only an opinion. Instead of attacking him, those who disagree should attempt to enlighten him.

Author: JordanThrilla

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