Home Urban News #drawingwhileblack Goes Viral As Black Artists Showcase Their Talent on Twitter

#drawingwhileblack Goes Viral As Black Artists Showcase Their Talent on Twitter

#drawingwhileblack is viral after Black artists start showcasing their talent on Twitter. Thousands of tweets from around the world where seen from black artists introducing themselves, and showing off some of their best work. #drawingwhileblack showcased everything from anime style drawings to super realistic sketches, which showed the diversity black artists have.

Take a look at some of the tweets that made “Drawing while black” go viral.


At the core of the “Drawing while Black” sentiment is the known issue with black artists often time being overlooked for racist reasons. In the art world it’s often times much harder for a black artist to get the same opportunities as others artists. #drawingwhileblack trending gives some of these artists a platform to have a lot people viewing their work. Some of the tweets even included links to their personal websites, so people can look at their whole body of work.

The “Drawing While Black” movement is another example of how Social Media can do great things.

Author: JordanThrilla

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