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Ice Cube Disses Bill Gates For Alleged Evil Vaccine Schemes as #ExposeBillGates Trends Worldwide

Ice Cube Dissed Bill Gates For his Alleged Evil Vaccine Schemes as # ExposeBillGates Trends Worldwide. Ice Cube called Bill Gates a “bunker b*tch”, and posted photos calling out Bill Gates non medical background and relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. One of the photos made Bill Gates look like Freddy Krueger with vaccine needles for claws with the caption “Nightmare on Bunker St.”.

You might be asking what Ice Cube’s beef with Bill Gates is. Here are a list articles we have written that can help explain why # exposebillgates is trending world wide.

1. Robert F Kennedy JR exposed Bill Gates vaccine scheme.

2. Bill Gates using Luciferase in Implantable vaccine technology.

3. Illuminate Pictures of Bill Gates leaked.

4. Bill Gets one of 8 CEOs to mysteriously step down during COVID-19.

5. The HR 6666 TRACE Act Bill.

As you can see there is a lot of information regarding Bill Gates and his sketchy vaccine background. This is likely the motivation behind Ice Cube calling Bill Gates a “bunker b*tch”.

Author: JordanThrilla

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