Jeans Proof Michael Jordan is the Best Dressed Athlete Ever.

After watching this tribute video to Michael Jordan jeans, I have to come to conclusion that he might actually be the best dressed NBA player athlete of all time. I mean there’s NBA players like Russell Westbrook and James Harden that give Jordan competition to the fashionable throne, but no NBA athlete ever matched Michael Jordan’s jeans game.



Some people say Jordan’s Jeans look like those JNCO jeans people used to wear, but I SOMEWHAT disagree.

They only look slightly similar to us, but JNCO was probably inspired by Jordan’s future jeans style. Sounds crazy I know, but this is Michael Jordan we’re talking about. Anything is possible ????.


Then Look at how Michael Pulled up to a Paris Fashion Week.

Jordan is the GOAT of NBA fashion, most people just don’t realize it..

Author: JordanThrilla