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Philly Police Shoot and Kill Black Man in Front of His Mother after He Charges Them with Knife after Allegedly Assaulting Woman

When Philadelphia police were called to 6124 Locust St. they probably had no idea the situation would turn deadly. Philly police shot and killed a black man in front of his mother after he charged them with a knife. The police were called in response to complaint that an armed black man was assaulting a woman.

The video shows the black man walking towards the Philly cops with a knife in hand. They ask him stand down multiple times before shooting him, but some people are angry they didn’t try to tase him or aim for his legs. You could hear bystanders asking why they shot him so many times. When the black man’s mother cried over his dead body saying “You shot my baby” it was really sad to see.

With all the protests against police brutality going on this is sure to catch nationwide attention. This situation is tricky, because the victim was also the aggressor. However, the police did seem to use too much force in shooting him so many times. Then you also have to take into account the police were called, because there were reports of the victim assaulting a woman with the knife in his hand.

There were so many factors at hand that led to this situation escalating quickly. At the same time there are so many factors that could of deescalated this situation safely with no deaths.

All in all it looks like Philadelphia has a controversial police situation on their hands. Philadelphia cops shooting a black man in front of his mother isn’t going to sit well with a lot people regardless of the circumstances.

Author: JordanThrilla

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