You ever have a moment where people mistake you for somebody else? That’s what happened when Zach Randolph got mistaken for Zion Williamson. During the Chris Vernon Show, the topic shifted to Z-Bo’s new haircut, that makes him look considerably younger.

That’s when it was revealed that Zach Randolph was mistaken for Zion Williamson during a trip to Las Vegas.

Z Bo reveals he could be a Zion Williamson doppelganger around the 1 minute mark. He explains that most people think he’s 25, when in realty he’s 39 years old.

It seems like once Zach Randolph didn’t have to suffer the rigors of the NBA, he instantly got his youth back. These days Zach Randolph is smiling more than mean mugging just like Zion. You can tell he’s living a stress free life now, while staying healthy.

They have the same haircut, physique, and demeanor, so really it’s not surprising that Zach Randolph got mistaken for Zion Williamson in Vegas. Can you imagine being 19 and looking identical to the 39 year old Z-Bo?

Author: JordanThrilla