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UFO in New Jersey Stops Traffic on Busy Highway Sparking Chariots of Yahawah Conspiracy Theories

A UFO sighting in New Jersey might be clearest video of a flying saucer ever seen. In a viral video a UFO in New Jersey stopped traffic on a busy highway, sparking Chariots of Yahawah conspiracy theories. A black flying saucer spaceship with a huge blue light on the bottom appeared over the New Jersey highway, causing people to get out their cars and start recording.

Some people might immediately say the video is fake, however multiple recorded the same incident indicating this might be the real deal. Take a look at the UFO in New Jersey that literally shut down the highway for a few moments.

The Chariots of Yahawah conspiracy theory that suggests UFO sighting like these are actually the Chariots of Israel. Conspiracy Theories like that are hard to disprove since a UFO origin can’t be confirmed.

This UFO in New Jersey that shut down the highway seems to be a prime example that could support that theory.

Author: JordanThrilla

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