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Anti-Maskers Invade Target in Florida Wearing No Face Masks Chanting “Take Your Mask Off”

Anti-Maskers made a bold statement at a Target in Florida yesterday. In a viral video Anti-maskers invaded Target wearing no facemasks. The video shows hundreds of people with no face masks on walking through a Target store, as people wearing facemasks looked on in shock. The group of Anti-masker seemed like mostly young people, which is the main group against facemask policies that seem overly strict to many people.

As the group of Anti-maskers walked through the Target, they chanted “Take Your Mask Off”. Take a look the footage.

Could this be the first anti-mask protest ever? Is this a sign that people are coming to a breaking point with having to wear an uncomfortable mask everywhere they go? Whatever the case may be the video has made a lot of people very angry.

Although there is high chance nothing at all will happen because of this, it will surely have to make that Target go through some of type of stringent cleaning process. There will also be customers who don’t come back to that target after this incident.

No one will ever forget the day Anti-maskers invaded Target in Florida chanting “Take off your mask”. This could be the start of a new trend.

Author: JordanThrilla

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