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Lil Baby Lean Drug Problem Exposed By Mistake With a Water Bottle During Interview

Lil Baby Lean Drug Problem Exposed by Water Bottle During Interview.

Lil Baby possibly has a drug problem, and he may have mistakenly revealed it during a breakfast club interview. Fans think Lil Baby is addicted to lean after he flipped a close water bottle upside down, then made a mixing motion almost like he was mixing up a syrup drink. Other fans think Lil Baby might be addicted to that Molly Water.

Take a look at this shocking video.

Lil Baby looks at the water then almost instinctively goes into motions of someone mixing a cup or bottle of lean. On the flip side it also looked like like Lil Baby was mixing molly water. Both serious drug problems whatever the case may be.

Keep in mind this is speculation, and people might be watching all his movement a little too closely. It is not confirmed that Lil Baby is taking molly or drinking lean, just social media rumors. However, it is still alarming see Lil Baby drug problems be the topic of conversation.

A few years ago there was a rumor that Lil Baby was addicted to lean, but stopped to improve his health. Hopefully he isn’t back on the stuff if that were true, let’s hope people are just reaching and Lil Baby is drug free.

Author: JordanThrilla

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