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Max Kellerman Accused of Calling SEC Football Fans Stupid Idiots on First Take

Max Kellerman is being accused of calling SEC football fans Stupid idiots on First Take. During a segment on the show Max Kellerman said SEC fans are immune to facts and easy propagandize”, while calling out Fox News. It was basically a nice way of Max Kellerman calling SEC fans stupid idiots that will believe anything.

He cited how Kellyanne Conway admitted to “altering facts” when she was working under Donald Trump as evidence. After his comments people on social media were immediately seen accusing Max Kellerman of calling SEC football fans stupid.

The SEC includes Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas and South Carolina. People in those states are probably very angry at the comments, but overall the reactions where mixed. Some people where giving Max Kellerman props and saying he made Trump supporters angry. Others where offended and thought Max Kellerman was wrong for making comments.

All in all, it might be the biggest moment of Max Kellerman’s career on First Take. No one will ever forget when Max Kellerman called SEC fans stupid.

Author: JordanThrilla

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