The paralyzed Jacob Blake is handcuffed to his bed at a Wisconsin Hospital according to his father. The shooting left the young man paralyzed, but officials felt he still needed to handcuffed by one arm to his hospital bed. The reasoning behind this may be the fact that Jacob Blake had an arrest warrant for third-degree sexual assault. Given the grave state of Jacob Blake’s condition it still doesn’t seem necessary.

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Jacob Blake’s father made the revelation that his son was handcuffed to his hospital bed saying “He can’t go anywhere, why do you have him cuffed to a bed”.

This whole situation is very heartbreaking. Jacob Blake is a father of three kids, and is now handcuffed to a bed paralyzed at the hands of police. It adds to the emotional pain when you see his parents pleading for better treatment for their son, while he is fighting for his life in critical condition.

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Can you imagine being shot 7 times then being handcuffed to a bed paralyzed and in critical condition?

Hopefully the Wisconsin hospital decides to uncuff Jacob Blake from his hospital bed soon.

Author: JordanThrilla

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