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Does the Beastars Have the Greatest Anime Show Soundtrack Ever?

If you are an anime fan, you have probably heard of Beastars, the popular series that follows the lives of anthropomorphic animals in a modern society. But have you ever paid attention to the music that accompanies the show? In this article, I will explain why I believe Beastars has the best anime show soundtrack ever.

The Intro Music Sets the Tone

First of all, let’s talk about the opening theme song, “Wild Side” by ALI. This song is a masterpiece of jazz fusion, combining elements of funk, rock, hip hop and Latin music. The song perfectly captures the mood and tone of the show, with its catchy melody, energetic vocals and dynamic brass section. The song also features a rap verse by Rize, a member of ALI who is also a voice actor in the show. The rap verse adds a layer of depth and personality to the song, as Rize raps from the perspective of Legoshi, the main character of the show.

The Background Music is Where Beastars Really Shines

The background music of the show is also impressive and diverse. The composer of the soundtrack, Satoru Kousaki, is known for his work on other anime shows such as Monogatari Series and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. He has created a rich and varied soundtrack that matches the different scenes and characters of the show. The soundtrack includes genres such as jazz, classical, rock, electronic and ambient music. Some of the highlights of the soundtrack are:

  • “Cannibalism”, a tense and dramatic track that plays during scenes of violence and conflict between carnivores and herbivores.
  • “ROUIS the BEASTAR”, a majestic and heroic track that plays during scenes involving Louis, the charismatic leader of the drama club and a candidate for the next Beastar.
  • “Impending Darkness”, a dark and ominous track that plays during scenes of mystery and suspense involving the black market and the criminal underworld.
  • “The Limits”, a sad and emotional track that plays during scenes of sadness and despair involving Legoshi’s inner struggle and Haru’s loneliness.
  • “Carnival”, a cheerful and upbeat track that plays during scenes of fun and comedy involving Legoshi’s friends and classmates.

I believe that Beastars has the overall best anime show soundtrack ever, because it has a variety of songs and genres that suit the show’s themes and characters. The songs are catchy, memorable and expressive, and they enhance the viewing experience of the show. If you haven’t watched Beastars yet, I highly recommend you to do so, not only for its amazing story and animation, but also for its incredible music. At the moment it’s streaming on Netflix.

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