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Kanye West BANNED from Twitter: Rick Fox Says Kanye West Got Kicked of Twitter after his “Baby Putin” Rant

Kanye West is banned from Twitter, for the time being. Only a few hours after Kanye West dubbed himself “Baby Putin”, he has been kicked off twitter, or so it seems. Rick Fox announced that Kanye West was kicked off twitter for 12 hours, after his series of outbursts attempting to expose his label and the music industry.

In the span of few hours Kanye West released a video urinating on a Grammy award, posted photos of his contract to expose his label, and cause uproar by calling himself “Baby Putin“. It all ended with Twitter banning Kanye West off the platform for 12 hours.

Take a look at Rick Fox’s tweet.

Is it surprising that Kanye West and Rick Fox are close friends? It seems so random that he is the one announcing Kanye West got kicked off twitter. At the same time when it comes to Kanye West anything is possible, so maybe it isn’t so random.

Let’s hope Kanye West can survive those 12 hours without being able to rant on Twitter. When that 12 hours is up, it will be interesting to see how Kanye West responds to his twitter ban.

Author: JordanThrilla

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