Gamestop’s website crashed because of PS5 preorders, in a historical video game world moment. Gamestop activated DDos protection after an influx of PS5 preorder traffic crashed their website. Shortly after Gamestop announced PlayStation 5 preorders where available on their website, people on twitter started to post screenshots of Gamestop’s website crashing and showing a DDos attack screen.

When you go to the Gamestop website now, it might say “Sorry, you have been blocked”. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with your device, that’s Gamestop’s DDos protection kicking to reduce the bandwidth of the PS5 preorder overload on their server.

Take a look.

Essentially, PS5 preorders created an unintentional DDos attack on Gamestop’s website. At that point Gamestop’s DDos attack defense had to defend itself from PS5 preorders.

You could potentially nickname this moment the “PS5 Preorder Virus”. It made Gamestop’s DDos defense attack it’s own company.

Author: JordanThrilla