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Morgan Freeman Narrates “Savage Mode 2” Trailer for 21 Savage and Metro Boomin

When you hear the name Morgan Freeman you usually don’t think of Hip Hop, but 21 Savage changed that in a legendary way. Morgan Freeman narrates “Savage Mode 2” trailer, which is being released this Friday.

When the video starts off it seems like any other cinematic trailer, but once we heard Morgan Freeman say “21 Savage is defined as fierce…” we instantly moved up closer to the screen.


Morgan Freeman has one of the most legendary voices in Hollywood. His voice has led him to landing many roles playing as “God” in movies.

For 21 Savage to get Morgan Freeman to narrate his Savage Mode 2 trailer, you know he has some pull in Hip Hop. Morgan Freeman wouldn’t do that for just any rapper.

If Savage Mode 2 ends up being wack, it could tarnish Morgan Freeman’s legacy. The pressure is on 21 Savage to deliver a classic now.

Author: JordanThrilla

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