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Video Leaks of Rapper Scotty Cain Beat Up in Studio and Violated on Camera

A video leaked of rapper Scotty Cain beat up in studio and violated on camera. Scotty Cain was caught lacking, and the people who beat him up caught everything on camera. As Scotty Cain is in the booth recording, a shirtless person walks in dancing before starting to punch him.

Other people then join in to beat up Scotty Cain in studio who is a former NBA Youngboy affiliate.


Details on what led to this moment are still unclear. However, the people knew exactly where Scotty Cain would be at that moment in time, so they definitely where planning this for some time.

With the world seeing video footage of Scotty Cain getting beat up in the studio it will be interesting to see if he responds, or stays silent to let the situation blow over.

Author: JordanThrilla

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