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“Waffle House Index” Goes Viral After People Discover Government Waffle House Damage Assessment System

“Waffle House Index” is viral after people discovered the US Government’s Waffle House damage assessment system. The Waffle House Index is used to assess how much damage a storm has caused. The US Government determines how much help needs to be sent to an area based on how many Waffle Houses are closed.

In theory it makes sense because Waffle House usually stays open through everything, unless really serious damage has occurred.

The Waffle House Index has three damage levels to indicate the amount of destruction in a given area. The color green means a Waffle House is open, and the full menu is being served. The color yellow indicates the Waffle House has no power, and is running off a generator with limited food. Lastly a red color means the Waffle House is closed, and severe damage has occurred.

When the federal government sees a lot of yellow and red on the Waffle House Index, they know that area has experienced catastrophic damage and needs a lot of help.

Who would of thought that Waffle House is indirectly saving lives and hunger, all at the same time.

Author: JordanThrilla

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