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7 Injured and 1 Person Dead after Lizzo Allegedly Attempted a Stage Dive at Memphis Show

A recent report alleges 1 person died and 7 were injured after Lizzo attempted a stage dive at her recent Memphis concert show, according to news reports.

Stage diving is a risky activity that involves jumping from a stage into a crowd of people, usually during a musical performance. Stage diving can cause serious injuries to both the diver and the audience members, such as fractures, concussions, spinal cord damage, or even death. According to Wikipedia, some notable cases of stage diving accidents include Peter Gabriel breaking his ankle in 1971, and Charles Haddon committing suicide after injuring a fan in 2010.

Lizzo has gone viral for the stage diving incident, but right now there isn’t any confirmation of whether the story is true or not. The reports didn’t detail the type of alleged injuries the fans sustained. It’s tough to believe Lizzo would do something so risky, which makes the story a bit hard to believe.

If the story is fake, it shows how ruthless social media can be, and how easily it is to create a report that the masses are convinced really happened. As you can see the tweet above has over 34K retweets, and 125K likes, which probably means millions of people have seen it, and shared the news with someone else.

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