Kendrick Lamar Caught Using a fake Stunt Double to Perform in his Place at Day N Vegas Festival Concert.

Kendrick Lamar fans want answers after they easily noticed that the person posing as Kendrick Lamar at his Day N Vegas Festival, wasn’t really Kendrick Lamar, and was a fake. It sounded like him, it was his music, but fans are skeptical it was actually Kendrick Lamar. In the viral tweet from a fan who recorded the fake on camera she said,

Why wasn’t Kendrick Lamar performing??? #DayNVegas and who is this?

Using a stunt double on stage, is rare tactic you see artist do sometimes. In Hip hop, MF Doom is famous for using stunt doubles in his place, for example. The only question left here is if that wasn’t Kendrick Lamar, where was the real Kendrick Lamar? Also how much did he pay his stunt double to pull that off?

One thing is for sure, although fans are disappointed, the whole situation is hilarious.

Author: JordanThrilla