KirbLaGoop put a price on Kane Grocery’s head, and Marcy Mane dissed Kane Grocery too.

KirbaLaGoop took to twitter, to say he has money for anyone who runs up on Kane Grocery. Former Goth Money member Marcy Mane, chimed in too, calling Kane Grocery’s fake for running off on his homies, who were in trouble. Take a look at the tweets below:

KirbLaGoop tweets read, “Whoever find kane grocery’s I got money for ya knock his f***** noggin, Kane a punk a** b**** can’t rap bout s*** then not pull boi str8 ho all yap jitt ain nevr seen the streets”

It’s clear there is no love lost, and Kirb is taking direct shots at Kane Grocery’s. It’s going to be tough for Kane Grocery’s to ignore these comments without a response. Hopefully the beef between these two doesn’t escalate any further.

Author: JordanThrilla

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