CDC Announces Vitamin E Acetate May Be the Cause behind Vaping related Lung Injury and Illness and should only be found on the black market.

The mystery of sudden lung illness in Vape users, may have been solved. CDC announced today, that Vitamin E acetate, was found in the lungs of 29 people, who were suffering from a lung injury due to vaping THC oil. According to scientists, Vitamin E is a cutting agent, mainly used, on the black market produced THC oil. A cutting agent is a chemical used to dilute a drug, with a cheaper substance, than the drug itself.

Black Market products, are prevalent in the vaping market. Most times people don’t even know the product they are using, is black marketed. Some people are saying, this could possibly mean companies that legally produce THC oil for vaping use, are cutting corners just like the black market, putting people’s health at risk.

The discovery gives hope to finding a solution to a new problem, that is growing rapidly.