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Video Aftermath of Taiwan Train Crash Where a Train Derailed in Tunnel at Hualien County Goes Viral

Prayers up for the people of Taiwan. A Taiwan train crash killed 48 people, and over 72 others are seriously injured. The train driver is among the people who died. The accident happened after the train derailed in a Tunnel going through Hualien County. There were a total of 490 people on the train, so many people got lucky.

The video aftermath of the Taiwan train crash shows the massive amount damage the impact caused. You could see doors of train torn off among the scattered debris. The tunnel was very narrow, so there was little room for error. At the moment there are no details on what caused the train to run off the tracks. There is speculation that it started going too fast due to driver error or mechanical malfunction.

Rescue efforts are currently ongoing, which means the death toll could still rise.

Reports say the passengers who were stuck inside the tunnel had to climb on top of the train in order to be rescued. Some people were able to salvage their luggage as well.

This is now the deadliest train crash in Taiwan’s history after more than doubling the death toll of a 2018 crash that killed 18 people.

Prayers up for all those who were affected by this tragic incident.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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