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Sheff G Arrested and Accused of Hosting Party to Celebrate His Shooters Murdering Their Target

A Brooklyn-based rapper who goes by the name of Sheff G is facing serious charges for allegedly funding and orchestrating a series of violent attacks against rival gangs in the borough, according to prosecutors. Sheff G, whose legal name is Michael Williams, is one of 32 people accused of being part of 8 Trey Crips and 9 Ways.

The two affiliated gangs allegedly engaged in shootings, gun possession, and stolen car use to target their enemies, such as Folk Nation Gangster Disciples and ICG Babiiez. The indictment includes 140 counts and covers 27 incidents of violence, including 12 shootings that resulted in one fatality and 13 injuries.

Sheff G Allegedly Hosted a Party to Celebrate His Hired Shooters Murdering His Target

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said that Sheff G used his earnings from his successful music career to incentivize and reward acts of violence. Sheff G is a prominent figure in the drill rap scene, with over 100 million views and streams on YouTube and Spotify.

He allegedly offered cash and jewelry to those who carried out shootings on his behalf, and also participated directly in some of the attacks as a driver or a coordinator. He also allegedly celebrated the killings and injuries of his rivals with lavish dinners and social media posts.

One of the most serious charges against Sheff G stems from a mass shooting that occurred on October 21, 2020, when one of his co-defendants, Kamondre Dekattu, allegedly fired shots from the sunroof of a white Infiniti while others shot from the windows. The shooting killed Theodore Senior, 23, and wounded five others, all alleged members of Folk Nation.

Dekattu is charged with murder, while Sheff G, his sister Crystal Williams, and others are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Two days after the shooting, Sheff G allegedly hosted a dinner with his fellow gang members, including another rapper named Sleepy Hallow, at a high-end steakhouse in Manhattan to celebrate their victory.

Sheff G was arrested on Tuesday and arraigned in Brooklyn Supreme Court. He faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted. His lawyer declined to comment on the charges. It’s highly unlikely that Sheff G will snitch on anyone considering in the past he said he wouldn’t ever contact police even if he knew someone murdered his mom. However, over the past few years we have seen many rappers who said similar things letting the cops know all their secrets when things hit the fan.