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Three Reasons Why Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’ is an Overrated Show

The “3 Body Problem” is a science fiction television series that has garnered significant attention since its release. Based on the Hugo Award-winning Chinese novel by Liu Cixin, the show has been praised for its ambitious storytelling and impressive visual effects. However, despite its popularity, there are several reasons why some viewers believe the show is overrated.

Reason 1. Deviation from Source Material

One of the main criticisms of the “Three Body Problem” is its deviation from the original source material. The novel is set in China during the Cultural Revolution, but the show is largely set in the United Kingdom. This change in setting has led to accusations of “Westernizing” the cultural themes of the original Chinese novels.

Moreover, the casting of the show has also been a point of contention. While the novel features predominantly Chinese characters, the show has a diverse cast hailing from several countries. This has led to allegations of racebending (whitewashing), and gender swapping of several protagonists.

The original novel, “The Three-Body Problem,” is deeply rooted in Chinese history and culture. The story begins during the Cultural Revolution, a period of social and political upheaval in China from 1966 to 1976. This historical context is integral to the plot and character development in the novel.

The protagonist, Ye Wenjie, is a physicist who becomes disillusioned with humanity after witnessing the brutal persecution of her father, a professor accused of “counter-revolutionary” activities. This personal tragedy, set against the backdrop of the Cultural Revolution, motivates Ye Wenjie’s actions throughout the novel.

In contrast, the television series transplants the story to a Western setting, which fundamentally alters the cultural context of the narrative. The show’s creators have defended this decision as a necessary adaptation for an international audience. However, critics argue that this “Westernization” of the story dilutes the novel’s cultural specificity and depth.

Moreover, the casting decisions in the television series have also been a source of controversy. The novel’s characters are predominantly Chinese, reflecting the story’s Chinese setting and cultural context. However, the television series features a diverse cast of actors from various nationalities.

While diversity in casting is generally a positive thing, in this case, it has led to accusations of “racebending” in the form of whitewashing, by changing the race or ethnicity of a character for the purpose of casting a particular actor. This has resulted in further deviation from the source material and has been a point of contention among fans of the original novel.

Reason 2. Simplification of Complex Concepts

The “Three-Body Problem” novel is renowned for its intricate exploration of complex scientific and philosophical concepts. The story delves into advanced topics in physics, such as quantum mechanics and the three-body problem in celestial mechanics, which gives the novel its title. These concepts are not just background elements; they are integral to the plot and the characters’ motivations.

However, the television series has been criticized for simplifying these complex concepts. Critics argue that the show “dumbs down” the science to make it more accessible to a general audience.

While making science fiction more accessible is a commendable goal, in this case, it has resulted in a loss of depth and sophistication. The show’s treatment of scientific concepts often feels superficial and lacks the nuance and detail present in the novel.

Furthermore, the novel uses science as a springboard to explore deep philosophical questions about humanity’s place in the universe and the nature of civilization. These existential themes add another layer of complexity to the story. However, the television series largely glosses over these philosophical discussions, focusing instead on the plot and character relationships.

This shift in focus has disappointed fans of the novel who appreciated its intellectual depth and philosophical rigor.

3. Inconsistent Quality of CGI

The “Three-Body Problem” novel is known for its vivid and imaginative descriptions of alien civilizations and advanced technology. These elements are brought to life in the television series through the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI). However, the quality of the CGI in the show has been inconsistent, which has detracted from the viewing experience.

Some scenes in the show feature impressive visual effects that effectively convey the scale and strangeness of the alien civilizations. However, other scenes have been criticized for their poor CGI quality. These scenes often feel disorienting and can pull viewers out of the story. The inconsistency in CGI quality is particularly noticeable in a show that relies heavily on visual effects to depict its science fiction elements.

While the “3 Body Problem” television series has its strengths, it also has significant weaknesses. The show’s deviation from the source material, simplification of complex concepts, and inconsistent CGI quality are three reasons why some viewers consider it to be overrated.

Despite these criticisms, the show has a large fan base and continues to be popular. As with any adaptation, opinions on the show will vary, and what one viewer considers a strength, another might see as a weakness. Ultimately, the value of the “Three-Body Problem” television series, like all art, is subjective and depends on the individual viewer’s perspective.

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