Bow Wow tried to take DaBaby’s girlfriend Dani Leigh with a viral message on twitter. Dani Leigh made post talking about how great of a woman she was for DaBaby, then Bow Wow responded saying he would put a ring on her finger real quick.

The crazy part is Bow Wow claimed he would never get married, so he must really be feeling DaBaby’s girlfriend Dani Leigh.

Dani Leigh says she’s loyal, loving, motivating, a woman of God, a family girl, a freak, funny, jiggy, hardworking, and not boring. It’s easy to see why Bow Wow wants Dani Leigh from DaBaby. It’s not clear if she has a certain of guy she likes, but Bow Wow and DaBaby definitely look alike lowkey.

The question remains, was Bow Wow shooting his shot at DaBaby’s girlfriend disrespectful? Or was it a show of respect?

Author: JordanThrilla