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Woman Claiming to Be Doctor Refuses To Wear Facemask at COSTCO and Random Customer Confronts Her

A woman claiming to be a doctor refused to wear a facemask at COSTCO, then a random customer confronted her. The interesting thing is that the alleged doctor had facemasks in her hand, but refused to put them on. The video leaves a lot of questions to be asked about the whole situation.

The woman claiming to be a doctor is definitely wrong for not wearing mask, but her elderly mother wasn’t wearing one either. It’s clear they had made the decision not to put on a mask before entering the COSTCO.

To be fair about this, you have to wonder why the random person confronting the woman isn’t minding his own business? There were plenty of employees around that could of handled the situation, so there is no reason for a random customer to act like he is working for the store. That only leads to dangerous situations happening like a physical fight.

Also, since COVID-19 spreads from tiny droplets coming out the mouth and nasal passages, do you really want to be arguing face to face with someone not wearing a face mask? The safest thing to do since you have on mask, is just to ignore people not wearing a mask and let the store personnel enforce their rules.

Naturally when the COSTCO security personnel came they told the man that confronted to woman to leave since he was also wrong in trying to enforce rules for the store.

The actions of the woman claiming to be doctor not wearing a facemask at COSTCO is wrong, and the man also overstepped his boundaries when he confronted her like he was working security for the store. Situations like these never end well, and end up causing more issues for the store.

Author: JordanThrilla

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