50 Cent getting booed off stage in Atlanta is going viral again in response to him dissing TI. The embarrassing incident happened in 2016, and it got so bad that 50 Cent threatened to ruin the rest of the show. As the Atlanta crowd booed 50 Cent, his voice cracked as he asked “Ya’ll going to be boo me off the stage for a T.I. and Jeezy?”. When the crowd basically said yeah 50 Cent started to rant about how rich he was.

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If you ever wondered what moment 50 cent knew he fell off, this was probably the moment. When 50 Cent started begging the DJ to play his music as they left the stage things went from embarrassing to sad. Even 50 Cent haters wanted the crowd for cheer for him at the moment, but they just kept booing. The DJ refused to play the song for 50 Cent, and they left the stage with an awkward silence.

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This video of 50 Cent getting booed off stage in Atlanta is going viral again, because he posted an old video about TI promoting snitching.

Author: JordanThrilla

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