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Kanye West the New Birdman? Kanye West Owes Big Sean $3 Million and is Holding His Masters Hostage in a Terrible Contract Allegedly

Is Kanye West the new Birdman? On the surface most people think Kanye West and Big Sean have an amicable relationship. However, a new rumor paints a picture that is the polar opposite of that idea. Kanye West allegedly owes Big Sean $3 Million and is holding his masters hostage in a terrible contract.

The details of the rumor are simply shocking to hear. The reports where first heard on Hot 97 radio.

Allegations say Kanye West was receiving half of Big Sean’s profits and royalties, under his contract. It’s alleged that Kanye West refused to sign off on deal that would allow Big Sean to get his masters from Def Jam. Then don’t forget the aforementioned alleged $3 Million that Kanye Owes Big Sean.

Essentially, it seems possible that Kanye West is holding Big Sean hostage for reasons unknown. It’s seems so crazy that Kanye West won’t allow Big Sean to get his masters. That seems like a very personal vendetta type of move, because Kanye has always touted how important owning your masters is in the music industry. This whole ordeal sounds like news you would hear about Birdman and Lil Wayne.

Big Sean’s latest solo album was his last album he had to do under his contract with Kanye West, so that could be sign that he might be closer to getting his money he is possibly owed.

Is Kanye West really out here getting his Birdman on?

Author: JordanThrilla

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