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Trump “Proud Boys” Conspiracy: Donald Trump Claims He Doesn’t Know Who the “Proud Boys” are After Telling them “Stand Back, Stand By”

A Trump “Proud Boys” Conspiracy has arisen with new information from Donald Trump himself. When Donald Trump refused to condemn White Supremacy, and told the Proud Boys, “stand back and stand by” during the Presidential Debate 2020, it was instantly clear damage control would follow the next day. People began to wonder what angle would Trump would take to quell the rumblings of his controversial racist comment.

That was answered today, when Donald Trump claimed he doesn’t know who the “Proud Boys” are. He also added “they should stand down and let law enforcement do their job”. It was stark contrast of the words he said during the presidential debate, which gives rise to the Trump “Proud Boys” Conspiracy.

Has Donald Trump really never heard of the Proud Boys before the Presidential Debate? Take a look.

Did Donald Trump think the moderator was literally telling him denounce boys that were proud? If that is the case that would actually be a bit hilarious. Surely Trump couldn’t have been that clueless in the moment.

The real question people should be asking now is if Donald Trump doesn’t know who the “Proud Boys” are, then what did he think the moderator was asking? The Donald Trump “Proud Boys” Conspiracy will only get deeper if he ever answers that question.

Author: JordanThrilla

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