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Suspect Connected with Man Who Shot Two LA Cops Has Been Arrested After Standoff with Cops and Carjacking Revealed New Details

A suspect connected with the Man who shot two LA Cops has been arrested after a carjacking revealed new details. About two weeks ago an unknown person ambushed a 31 and 24 year old pair of LA cops sitting in their patrol car by a train station, shooting them in the head and face.

A man in connection with brazen shooting is identified as Deonte Lee Murray has been arrested.

Deonte Lee Murray was actually a suspect in armed carjacking that took place on the same day as the shooting, but wasn’t a suspect of the shooting at that time. Law enforcement received a tip in recent days, that gave them enough evidence to connect him to the shooting of the two Los Angeles Police officers.

Deonte Lee Murray was set to appear in court in Wednesday for charges related to his previous crime, which included the carjacking, assault with a semiautomatic weapon, robbery, and alleged association with a street gang. Now more charges could be added in connection with shooting the two LA Cops.

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