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“RIP Ellen D” Goes Viral on Twitter and People Wonder If Ellen DeGeneres is Dead

“RIP Ellen D” is viral on Twitter leaving people wondering if Ellen DeGeneres is Dead. Everyone is scrambling to figure out why people were posting RIP Ellen DeGeneres. Thousands of people where seen posting hashtag #ripellen, but everyone was posting someone different as the picture. Most of the posts that said “Rip Ellen DeGeneres” didn’t even have a person by that name in them. It left many people crying out for help to understand if the real Ellen DeGeneres has died.


Only in 2020 would RIP Ellen D be going viral for apparently no reason. Ellen Degeneres is reportedly still alive and well, there doesn’t seem to be another person named Ellen D, and people are posting “RIP Ellen D” under photos of men and women who clearly aren’t someone with that name.

Just went you thought this year couldn’t get crazier it just did. People are really starting to lose their minds.

However, if that person is really real, then RIP Ellen D.

Author: JordanThrilla

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