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Why Anthony Bennett is the GOAT Best Player That Never Was

Anthony Bennett was the GOAT player that never was. Yeah I know that sounds crazy, but by the end of this article you might be saying Anthony Bennett was the best player the never was as well. To help start things off, we should probably clarify what “best player that never was” means.

A best player that never was is player that easily could of been an all time great, but failed because he was never really given a fair chance.


Anthony Bennett literally had it all. He was like Zion Williamson with technical fundamentals of an offensive player like Kobe Bryant. He was the size of Lebron James with the footwork of David Robinson. Occasionally he would show flashes of his inner GOAT, but was never able to be consistent because he wasn’t given a fair chance.

The struggles to start off his journey as an NBA player didn’t help, but the Cavaliers never approached his career the right way. Anthony Bennett was the type of basketball player you throw to the wolves with the hopes of confidence developing. Anthony Bennett played scared, but when you leave someone scared on the basketball court long enough, they eventually become more confident than what they’re afraid of. With confidence comes consistency.

When Anthony Bennett struggled the Cavaliers found different reasons to pull him away from the game. His minutes started to quickly dwindle, and he was on the way out before he ever got a chance to step in to his true potential. It wasn’t like the Cavaliers were going anywhere being led by just Kyrie Irving anyway.

These days the Former Number 1 Pick Anthony Bennett is living the life of an undrafted player in the G League playing. He is proving he still can dominate if given the chance, so things are looking up. Doc Rivers is known for favoring players considered “underdogs”, so the time will likely come when Anthony Benny gets back on track to being a formidable player.

You could definitely say Anthony Bennett is a “bust”, but you can also say Anthony Bennett is the Greatest Player that Never Was. You probably still disagree with us, but that’s ok.

Author: JordanThrilla

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