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Did Mike Wang Confirm Quick Drops are Dead in NBA 2K24?

One of the most controversial and frustrating moves in NBA 2K23 is rumored to have been officially removed from the upcoming NBA 2K24. Many people believe that Mike Wang, the lead gameplay director for NBA 2K, seemingly confirmed the news on his Twitter account, by posting a picture of a NBA 2K character performing the quick drop dunk, with “RIP” written over it.

Quick drops, also known as quick drop-offs or quick drop-offs one, were a type of dunk animation that allowed players to sprint to the rim and quickly slam the ball, often avoiding any contest from defenders even when they are directly in their path. Essentially the move was like a teleporting to the rim. The move was widely considered to be overpowered, unrealistic, and cheesy, as it gave players an unfair advantage and reduced the skill gap in the game.

Many NBA 2K players and content creators have been vocal about their dislike of quick drops, calling them a “glitch” and a “cheat” that ruined the game. Some even made videos showing how to stop or counter quick drops, but none of them were very effective. The move was especially prevalent in online modes such as The Park and The Rec, where players could abuse it to rack up easy points and wins.

The rumor of the removal of quick drops was met with celebration and relief from the NBA 2K community, who praised Mike Wang and the developers for listening to their feedback and improving the game. Many commented that they were looking forward to NBA 2K24 even more now that quick drops are likely gone.

Some also expressed their hope that other issues and glitches in NBA 2K23 would be fixed or addressed in NBA 2K24 as well. Some questioned why they didn’t release a simple patch to fix this issue in 2k23, but we all know the most likely reason why they didn’t do that (corporate greed cough cough).

Mike Wang Confirming Quick Drops are removed in NBA 2k24
Did Mike Wang Confirm Quick Drops are Nerfed in 2K24?

NBA 2K24 is set to release on September 8, 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. As you probably know, the game will feature Kobe Bryant as the cover athlete, and a have game mode dedicated to his legendary career.

What will the cheesers do now that quick drops are likely officially dead?

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