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People in Hong Kong Caught Making RACIST Derogatory Remarks about Lebron James and Black People

Racism is worldwide problem, and recent situation involving Lebron is another example that proves it. People in Hong Kong were caught saying racist derogatory remarks about Lebron James and black people, after his comments about China.

The things that were said sound like some of the same things you would hear a racist person in America saying. The fact that these are people in China shows how deep rooted racism is. Here is a picture of some of the translated racist remarks:

As you can see the Chinese people say, “There’s s*** in this black’s mind”, “talking sense to a chimp makes this responds reasonable”, “N****”, “This is how stupid the black are, even the smartest black, Obama”, “Isn’t the black have low IQ a common sense?”.

Very offensive comments, and shocking to see coming from people in Hong Kong, who are fighting for their rights. In case you’re wondering here is a summary of what is happening in China:

China is essentially trying to force Hong Kong to be communist, and completely become part of China. At the moment, Hong Kong has its own legal system, borders, laws that protect their rights for things like freedom of assembly and free speech. This is partly due to it actually being a British colony in the past.

China is trying to take these rights and laws away from the people of Hong Kong, against their will and have resorted to extreme violence.

The people of Hong Kong are in pain physically and emotionally. Their anger towards anyone seemingly supporting China is understandable. They even started burning Lebron James Jerseys, to let you know how strongly they feel about any comments supporting China.

What is not understandable is resorting to unnecessary and unwarranted racism like this. These leaked comments will surely change some people thoughts about Hong Kong.

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