Was Dwayne Wade’s oldest son burned in a fire? In a recent picture of his and Lebron James sons, Wade’s son Zaire, seems to have a massive burn mark on his left thigh and upper knee area. We don’t remember ever hearing any stories about fire or other burning incident, so it was peculiar to see.

Our curiosity wouldn’t rest, so we went back and tried to do some research. Looking back as far as 17 years we couldn’t find any stories about Dwyane Wade’s son ever being burned.

Rather we came across some stories about Dwyane Wade’s previous home being burned due to arson, but he wasn’t living there anymore. It is still an unsolved mystery.

The question still remains, what happened to Dwyane Wade’s son Zaire leg? Whatever it was it hasn’t affected his abilities on the basketball court, because he is still a great player in the making. If something did happen to his leg it just shows how tough he is mentally to not let it hold him back.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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