The PS1 was released on December 3, 1994 and even in 2020 people are still finding out secrets about it. A youtuber revealed a secret feature on PS1, that nobody knew about for the past 26 years. This was a PS1 secret that wasn’t even mentioned in the manual created by Sony. This PS1 secret may even be a glitch that Sony didn’t know about.

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So what’s the huge PlayStation 1 secret? Apparently there was way to recover deleted files from your memory card. Anyone who owned a PS1 at some point accidentally deleted their game save files, which usually left gamers in despair. Can you imagine almost beating a game a losing all your progress?

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Take a look at how the secret game save recovery feature on PS1 was discovered.

According to the youtuber’s instructions to recover your game save file on a PS1 there is a 4 step process that has be done in a specific order.

  • First you have to insert a memory card into your PS1, if you still have one.
  • Secondly you open the PS1, while it’s still off.
  • Thirdly you press the power button, then go to your memory card file in the main menu.
  • Lastly after you deleted any game save file, you can press L1, L2, R1, R2 at the same time and it will recover your game save file.

In essence the PS1 had a hidden undo feature that was never revealed to the public. If Sony was aware of this, it’s almost like they wanted gamers to suffer by making them think there was no way to recover lost files.

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One of the most legendary game systems of all time, just became more legendary.

Author: JordanThrilla

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