The election is heating up with all out political warfare between Democrats and Republicans in the form of protests, and Barack Obama’s house became the latest scene. In a viral video Trump Supporter protesters surrounded Barack Obama’s house.

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The Trump supporting protesters claimed they were sick of having one set of rules of the Obama’s, and another set of rules for everyone else. One protester said “We are just here to call Barack and Michele Obama to account“. They didn’t go into details about what that meant, but they seemed very passionate. Police were seen protecting Barack and Michele Obama to make sure nothing happened.

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Take a look at the Trump supporting protesters outside Barack Obama’s house.

It’s honestly surprising that people can get that close to Barak Obama’s house, but the protesters seemed to be very peaceful. They could be seen wearing MAGA gear and waving MAGA flags, which was sure to either make Barack Obama laugh or very angry.

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It’s crazy that Barack Obama has been out of office for years, and some people are still mad at him for various reasons. Things are getting stranger and stranger as we inch closer to November 4th.

Author: JordanThrilla

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