Alyssa Milano says COVID-19 made her hair fall out sparking Conspiracy Theories. In a video Alysso Milano brushes her hair and shows her hair falling off her head. Alyssa Milano claims her hair falling out is a side effect of coronavirus she is experiencing.

However, many people believe the video is sketchy sparking the Alyssa Milano COVID-19 Hair loss conspiracy theory. There are few reasons why.

Firstly the amount of hair that comes off Alyssa Milano’s head seems about the normal amount you usually see when a woman brushes her hair. The average woman loses around 200 hairs per day even without brushing. Sometimes when a woman brushes her hair, the hair falling out is actually hair that already fell out and was just “stuck”.

This leads people to believe this video is actually political promo to push the agenda of “mask wearing” to those against it. What better way influence people than using a star in Hollywood who had already announced she had COVID-19.

Maybe Alyssa Milano is losing her hair because COVID-19, but also maybe she isn’t. The video doesn’t really 100% prove anything from the outside looking in to some people. The Alyssa Milano Coronavirus Hair loss Conspiracy Theory might never be solved.

Author: JordanThrilla