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Chris Paul Exposes Referee Scott Foster Cheating the Thunder In Game 7 Loss to Rockets

Chris Paul exposed referee Scott Foster of cheating the Thunder in the Game 7 Loss to Rockets. When talking about the delay of game Scott Foster called, Chris Paul said “That S**t don’t make no sense”. He then went on to describe the sequence where CP3 claims Scott Foster cheated the Thunder. Chris Paul believes they would of won the game if Scott Foster didn’t cheat with the delay of game call.

Chris Paul was tying his shoe while court personnel where mopping the floor, but Scott Foster still called a delay of game giving Rockets free points. As you will see in the video CP3 literally wasn’t delaying anything.

Chris Paul claims that as he tied his shoe and watched a replay, Scott Foster walked over to him and told him not do that, because personnel was sweeping the court. Then out of nowhere he called the delay of game.

Before the game a stat was shown that Chris Paul is 0-9 in playoff games refereed by Scott Foster, now he is 0-10. It looks like Scott Foster cheated Chris Paul out the playoffs again.

Chris Paul closed his rant about Scott Foster admitting that he will probably be fined for saying his name. It’s clear he feels exposing him was worth it. It’s real sad to see Chris Paul lose at the hands of Scott Foster cheating him again.

Author: JordanThrilla

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