Danuel House Wife

Did Danuel House cheat on his wife at the Orlando Bubble? Danuel House’s wife Whitney deleted his pictures from her Instagram after he got exposed cheating during an ongoing NBA Investigation. Danuel House allegedly snuck a woman to his hotel room that was working as a coronavirus tester at Orlando Bubble. She was allegedly caught leaving his room on Tuesday September 8th.

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Given those details it’s possible Danuel House cheated on his wife Whitney. If you go to the Instagram of Danuel House’s wife now, you will see no pictures of him. A few days ago they had a lot of pictures together. The photo below is one of many pictures Danuel House’s wife deleted of them together.

Danuel House Wife

NBA had a strict rule that players could only bring wives and girlfriends to their rooms. The woman Danuel House allegedly snuck into his room was neither of those. Rockets entire team allegedly had to quarantine on the same day the woman left Danuel House’s room.

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Danuel House is denying the allegations of the NBA investigation, so hopefully the results show he was innocent. It would be sad if Danuel House cheated on his wife with a coronavirus tester at Orlando Bubble. However, given that she removed his pictures from her Instagram the situation doesn’t seem like it will end well.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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