When a Hurricane is coming the first thing a lot of people worry about is if their car will be damaged. Some thoughts people have included windows breaking, engine being flooded with water, or maybe the car floating away in a major flood. When you have a tiny car, like one Florida man, those fears become nightmares.

According to news reports, a Florida man named Patrick Eldridge, parked his smart car right inside his kitchen, to quell his thoughts of it being blown away in Hurricane Dorian. Based on the picture, it looks like it was a perfect fit as well. Only issues would be to find the space to cook in the kitchen with the car occupying most of the space????

All in all, it was a smart idea. If the smart car gets blown away now, it would mean the house also got blown away. So the smart car is kind of like the pig that escaped from the big bad wolf by being in the brick house. I just wonder how exactly he got the Smart Car through his front or back door?