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Jaguar Wright Exposes Common Assaulted Her and Talib Kweli on IG Live

Did Common assault Jaguar Wright? People are asking that question after Jaguar Wright exposed Common and Talib Kweli in a viral IG live video. Jaguar Wright said Common assaulted her, and told stories of Talib Kweli running from someone who caught him cheating with her. Jaguar Wright is reportedly going to exposed more people if they don’t do right by Malik B.

First listen to Jaguar Wright expose Talib Kweli.

Now listen to Jaguar Wright accuse Common of assaulting her.


Jaguar Wright’s allegations against Common and Talib Kweli are simply shocking. You can see how emotional she is about finally talking about the situation publicly.

One thing Jaguar Wright didn’t clarify is who Talib Kweli was running from. She described the person as a “skinny jeans wearing man” that she could of beat up herself, but didn’t mention their name. Perhaps she was talking about her ex-husband given the circumstances of the rest of story.

Jaguar Wright exposing Common assaulted her is the type of rumor you could only hear in a year like 2020. What Jaguar Wright said about Talib Kweli isn’t surprising given the terrible year he has had so far.

Author: JordanThrilla

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