Karma destroyed James Harden and Rockets’ season at Orlando Bubble for trading Chris Paul. When news broke the Russell Westbrook had a hamstring injury that would make him miss the first round, it became clear Karma was destroying Rockets and James Harden right before the playoffs.

Remember CP3 had the same injury Russell Westbrook has now in 2018 when he led Rockets to a 3-2 lead over Golden State. As usual James Harden who was making history missing 25 straight three pointers choked the series away without CP3’s incredible play and leadership. Rockets then traded Chris Paul on the grounds that he was injury prone, only for Karma to make his replacement Westbrook fall to injury.

It was reported that James Harden was angry that Chris Paul wanted him benched for his low IQ ball hogging during Rockets vs Warriors 2019 series, which also played a factor in CP3 getting blindsided by the trade.

Fast forward to now and Rockets are set to face Chris Paul and the Thunder in the first round. The man Rockets traded for not being durable and wanting to bench James Harden is playing, but the man they replaced him with is not.

The chances of a James Harden led team beating a CP3 led team is basically ZERO. Rockets are most likely going home first round, and James Harden career will never be the same after this. This will be the ultimate and final exposure for James Harden’s fraudulent career.

Karma destroyed James Harden and Rockets season at Orlando Bubble for trading Chris Paul. Rockets were the real losers in the end.

Author: JordanThrilla