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Lebron James PUSHES Tyler Herro Down in Front of Katya Elise Henry then Lebron James DUNKS on Tyler Herro

Lebron James seemed very angry after Game 3 as he walked off the court early, and it seems he is taking that aggression out on Tyler Herro. During a sequence Lebron James bullied Tyler Herro in front of Katya Elise Henry.

On a fastbreak Lebron James pushed Tyler Herro down, sending him flying out of bounds. Then Lebron James dunked on Tyler Herro. It got even more disrespectful when Lebron James stared down Tyler Herro after the dunk.

Take a look at Lebron bullying Tyler Herro with his girlfriend Katya Elise Henry probably watching.


Could this be Tyler Herro’s welcome to the NBA moment? Lebron James pushed Tyler Herro down almost as easily as Roy Hibbert pushed Stephen Curry out the way. It almost looked like Tyler Herro was in shock at how easily Lebron pushed him out the way.

This is a moment from the 2020 NBA Finals that Tyler Herro probably will remember when he’s in the weight room.

Author: JordanThrilla

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