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An Angry Lebron James Walks Off Court Before Game 3 is Over During Game 3 of NBA Finals Heat vs Lakers Causing a Game Stoppage

We all know Lebron James doesn’t like losing, but that doesn’t mean you should show bad sportsmanship. Lebron James walked off the court before the Game 3 was over during Game 3 of the NBA Finals Heat vs Lakers. After Lebron left the court referees had to briefly stop the game so Lakers could do an emergency substitution in order to have enough players on the court.

When the buzzer sounded Lebron James was already in the locker room, leaving people confused why he abandoned his team in the final minutes of the game. Take a look.


Lebron leaving the court before the game is over can be taken as a sign of disrespect by the Heat. At the same time it might tell the Heat that they have gotten in Lebron James mind. Jimmy Butler was unstoppable, most of the time with Lebron James guarding him. He also yelled “They in trouble” to Lebron James after scoring a clutch basket in the 4th.

Game 4 is going to must see TV. When Lebron James walks off the court before the game is over in a Game 3 of NBA Finals, you know he is coming with next level aggression in the next game.

We all know Skip Bayless is going to have a field day with Lebron James leaving court before Game 3 was over. Lebron James is definitely looking like sore loser today.

Author: JordanThrilla