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2020 NBA Finals Love Triangle: Both Katya Elise Henry Boyfriend and Ex-Boyfriend are Playing in the NBA Finals Heat vs Lakers

Now that the NBA finals is set to be Lakers vs Heat, a new 2020 NBA Finals Love Triangle has been born. Both of Katya Elise Henry’s boyfriends are playing the NBA Finals. In particular Katya Elise Henry’s boyfriend and ex-boyfriend are playing against each other.

Currently Katya Elise Henry is dating Tyler Herro, but Katya also used to date Kyle Kuzma. In other words this is a Katya Elise Henry, Kyle Kuzma, and Tyler Herro love triangle.


This series is personal for Tyler Herro and Kyle Kuzma. Their egos will be colliding at 100%. You know Kyle Kuzma will do everything possible to make sure Tyler Herro doesn’t score on him in front of Katya Elise Henry.

After the two broke up, Katya Henry said Kyle Kuzma couldn’t handle her, basically calling him weak. Now Kyle Kuzma can prove Katya Elise Henry wrong by dominating her new boyfriend Tyler Herro on the basketball court during the 2020 NBA Finals. In the same breath Tyler Herro will try to defend Katya Henry’s honor by trying to embarrass Kyle Kuzma.

Who will come out the victor in this Kyle Kuzma vs Tyler Herro NBA Finals Love Triangle centered around Katya Elise Henry. Playoffs stats so far give Herro the edge, but anything can happen when emotions are fueling you.

Author: JordanThrilla