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Mort the Chicken’s Cameo in Pizza Tower Video Game Goes Viral

Mort the Chicken’s cameo in the popular video game Pizza Tower has been receiving an unprecedented amount of attention lately. The hit game has been trending on all social media platforms, and people can’t seem to get enough of the comedic chicken’s amusing antics. In this article we’ll discuss what is the game Pizza Tower, and who is Mort the Chicken?

What is Pizza Tower?

Pizza Tower is an 8-bit style video game where the player must help the main character, the pizza chef, build the world’s tallest tower made out of pizza. Players must use their best strategy to stack up the pizza ingredients and toppings to achieve the highest score. This game had modest success when it was first released, but it has exploded in popularity recently.

Who is Mort the Chicken?

Mort the Chicken is a platform game developed by AndNow and published by Crave Entertainment. It was released in the United States on November 30, 2000 for the PlayStation and later released in Europe on January 19, 2001. The game’s storyline revolves around Mort, a chicken who lives in an alternate universe where chickens are the dominant species.

In another universe, cube-like creatures called The Boolyon are spying on the chickens. The leader of the cubes, General Cubicles, mistakes the stacks of hay for kidnapped citizens and kidnaps all the baby chicks, scattering them across the cube universe. The player controls Mort as he explores his universe, rescuing baby chicks and killing cubes. Mort can destroy the cubes using the comb on his head, which can be used as a whip. Some cubes cannot be killed, and every time Mort takes a hit, the cubes steal a chick from Mort and imprison it.

Why is Mort the Chicken’s Cameo in Pizza Tower Video Game Going Viral?

Mort the Chicken’s cameo in Pizza Tower was a surprise to everyone, but it has been a massive hit. Players of the game have been posting gameplay videos on social media, and Mort the Chicken’s appearance during “Fun Farm” level has been drawing in viewers in droves. In Pizza Tower, Mort the Chicken perches atop the head of the main protagonist, a chef named Peppino, and allow him to fly and break blocks. People have been captivated by the cute chicken’s presence, take for example the video below.

The recent success of the game has been largely attributed to Mort the Chicken, and the new generations love for retro style games. His comedic antics and charm are a major draw for players, plus it gives nostalgic vibes.

With the continued success of the game, more people are sure to join in the fun and help Mort the Chicken become an even bigger star than he was during the PS1 days.