Nonstop professional grade fireworks going off around the US spark Fireworks Conspiracy Theory.

If you heard random fireworks going off in the past few days, you aren’t alone. Fireworks have been going off around the US around the same time, and no one can explain why. This has led to several fireworks conspiracy theories arising from the depths of theorists thoughts.

Many people around the US where seen posting videos of random fireworks going off in cities including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago near the same time. As you can see it’s not a East or West thing, it’s happening everywhere.

Now this is it where things get a bit scary with the fireworks conspiracy theory. There are people claiming that after hearing professional grade fireworks going off all night, when they search area later there isn’t a single trace of fireworks. Remember these were massive fireworks going off nonstop for an entire night, and in the morning it’s literally like it never happened.

What comes to our mind when we learned of this conspiracy theory was crop circles. Massive fields turned into art overnight with no sign of anything that did it. In this case fireworks go off all night, but don’t leave a single trace behind hours later.

It’s hard to answer what could do something this impossible, but one culprit could be aliens. They would likely have the technology to clean up a large amounts of fireworks debris in short time, or perhaps fireworks that completely disintegrated with no debris.

The Fireworks Conspiracy theory is just another strange happening in the crazy year that is 2020.

Author: JordanThrilla

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